Database Development & Support

Scope360 has a proven track record in completing database development projects and providing support for our UK clients. Our database services include:

Database Development

You need a new database, but aren't sure where to start. Or maybe your internal resources are over-extended, and you need outside help?

Whether you need complete project development, or want us to work with your team, our database developers are ready to help.

Database Administration (DBA) & Support

Could your DBA team use extra help to manage problematic or complicated issues? Are you a small company without in-house IT support? Maybe you just want outside help to lighten the load and handle routine issues to ensure nothing is overlooked?

Scope360 can deliver cost-effective database administration services to keep your databases running smoothly. Our DBA services cover everything from SQL Server installation and configuration, to monitoring to backup and restore.


Our team of developers and DBAs have worked with SQL Server since Microsoft entered the enterprise database market in the mid-90s. The Scope360 team have real-world experience on all versions of MS SQL Server starting from SQL Server 6.5 up to the latest SQL 2016 release.

While we choose to focus on the Microsoft platform, we also work with other databases technologies including Oracle, MySQL and various NoSQL platforms.

How We Work

We can offer a fixed-price project/support plan, or a PAYG model which is billed at an hourly rate for each job.

From small projects to longer-term application development, if you'd like to discuss how Scope360 can help with your database projects, please get in touch.

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