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Scope360 develop software for UK companies. We can build new applications, APIs and services - or enhance and support your existing solutions.

We're an agile company focused on producing high-quality software based (primarily) on .NET technologies. Our developers have been building Web, Desktop, Mobile and Server applications with C#, Visual Basic (VB) and ASP.NET since 2002.


Our services span the complete software development life cycle from analysis, specification and design through to build, testing and deployment.


Projects start from 4 hours for simple fixes, support and updates, through to larger projects where complete applications are designed and built by our development team.


To discuss how we can develop, support or integrate your applications and databases, please get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our .NET and C# developers have been building and supporting Web, Desktop, Mobile and Server applications since 2002.

We can develop new apps or fix and enhance your existing C# programs.

Most of the projects we work on use a SQL Server database.

We also have experience developing .NET applications with MS Access, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

We have built solutions with SQL Server since Microsoft first entered the enterprise-level database market in the mid-90s.

Most projects we work on now use SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2019 and Azure SQL databases.

Yes. We are often contacted for advice and support when clients have problems with their .NET applications or SQL databases.

Our team of C# developers can work on a project-by-project basis to solve a particular problem or build a new software application.

Timescales and pricing depend on your specific needs and can be as short as 4 hours.


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