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Umbraco is a popular .NET based content management system (CMS) which we have used for many website projects. Our team of Umbraco developers have been building sites with Umbraco since 2012.

We're based in London and work for companies all over the UK. Projects start from 4 hours for simple fixes, support and site updates, through to larger projects where complete Umbraco-based websites are designed and built.

If you'd like to discuss how we can develop, support or host your website with Umbraco, please email us at, or enter your details below:

How can we help with your Umbraco project?

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Umbraco FAQ

How long have you worked with Umbraco?

Our developers have been building websites and bespoke web applications with Umbraco since 2012.

Do you provide Umbraco Support?

Yes, ongoing maintenance, customisation and support can be provided for websites and software we've developed for you, or for websites that you've built yourselves.

Which Umbraco Versions do you use?

All new sites are built with Umbraco V7, but we also support websites with Versions 5 and 6.

Can you upgrade Umbraco?

We recommend upgrading to the latest Umbraco versions. We can also convert other CMS platforms to Umbraco.

Why recommend Umbraco?

Websites deployed via Umbraco offer a rich set of features in combination with unmatched flexibility. Site structure, site design, page layout, navigation and custom forms are fully manageable.

Can you extend Umbraco?

Umbraco's flexibility allows for customisation of the .NET codebase and integration to third-party applications or components.

Even if you find some standard features limiting for your needs, we can easily enhance it with custom .NET code or replace it with third-party components.

Do you provide Web hosting?

We offer dedicated, shared or cloud hosting solutions with servers from Rackspace UK.

How much do you charge?

Our Umbraco developers are hired to work on a project-by-project basis to solve a particular problem or build a new website.

Timescales and cost therefore depend on your specific needs and can be as short as a few hours.
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